Soldering Guide

Soldering Guide (Through Hole Parts)

Part 1 - Introduction

Before we can begin soldering, we first need to learn what exactly soldering is. Additionally, we also need to learn the importance of lead-free solder, and why you should always choose this version of solder over anything else!

Part 2 - Selecting Your Tools

Armed with the knowledge of what soldering is and why lead-free solder is so important, learn what tools you will need, and why choosing the right type of soldering bit is essential.

Part 3 - How To Solder

With your soldering iron at the ready, it’s time to test your skills! In this guide, learn how to use your soldering iron to construct MitchElectronics kits.

Part 4 - How To Desolder (Coming Soon)

Can you guess what is desoldering? Well, mistakes happen during soldering, and desoldering is all about removing solder and separating two parts. But be warned, desoldering is a lot harder than soldering, so be sure to pay attention to this guide!