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Battle of the CPUs – ARM, RISC-V, and Intel

In the ever-evolving landscape of processors, Arm's stronghold in the mobile market faces challenges as Intel dominates the x86 space...

MitchElectronics is an electronics kit designer and manufacturer based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the heart of the UK. Our electronic kits are specifically targeted at all levels of education, whether it is someone who has started a new journey into the realm of electronics, or someone who is looking to brush up their soldering skills.

Founded by Robin Mitchell in 2011, MitchElectronics has years of experience in designing electronic kits and resources that accompany them. The founding principle of MitchElectronics, which still holds true today, is to provide high qualtiy electronic kits to educators, makers, and engineers at affordable prices. We believe that because the electronics industry develops cheaper parts each year, these savings should be passed onto consumers.

Furthermore, we also believe that electronic kits should come with numerous amounts of resources that not only provide clear instructions on how to build them, but also educate the user on how and why the kit works. As such, we have made it our mission to make the best instructions on the market.

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MitchElectronics Media Services

We specializes in content creation for the electronics engineering industry. Our primary goal is to create relevant, engaging, and interesting content for engineers.

We understand the importance of content written by engineers for engineers, ensuring that our readers find our material clear, concise, and valuable. With our deep understanding of engineering concepts, we aim to encourage cross-discipline thinking and inspire our readers to develop innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Furthermore, we offer consultation services to assist teams in expanding their engineering product ranges and exploring new concepts, leveraging our extensive knowledge across all fields of engineering.





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