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MitchElectronics is an electronics kit designer and manufacturer based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the heart of the UK. Our electronic kits are specifically targeted at all levels of education, whether it is someone who has started a new journey into the realm of electronics, or someone who is looking to brush up their soldering skills.

Founded by Robin Mitchell in 2011, MitchElectronics has years of experience in designing electronic kits and resources that accompany them. The founding principle of MitchElectronics, which still holds true today, is to provide high qualtiy electronic kits to educators, makers, and engineers at affordable prices. We believe that because the electronics industry develops cheaper parts each year, these savings should be passed onto consumers.

Furthermore, we also believe that electronic kits should come with numerous amounts of resources that not only provide clear instructions on how to build them, but also educate the user on how and why the kit works. As such, we have made it our mission to make the best instructions on the market.

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Everything About Components

Electronic components are, unsurprisingly, critical for any electronic circuit, but the sheer number of components available to engineers is mind boggling. Even the most humble of components, the resistor, has millions of variations in resistance, packaging, power dissipation, and tolerance, so you can imagine that trying to learn everything about components is somewhat of a difficult task!

To help engineers and makers get their heads around the many different components available, we have started to produce a new series of resources that we have called “Everything About”, whereby you can learn the most important facts about each component. Of course, this is a very large project, so it will take some time to finish, but as we produce these pages, we will publish them so you can at least get a head start.