EduFAB Service


Remote Industrial Electronics Experience, Right From Home


Industrial Experience, Without An Apprenticeship

The MitchElectronics EduFAB service is the industry’s first remote learning course that gives you real-world industrial experience for electronics design. 

Everything from the initial design concept to manufacturing is all done from the comfort of your home, allowing you to get experience designing a commercial-grade electronics circuit.

There’s no need to find an apprenticeship with an existing business, and once completed, you will be able to impress any employer with the skills that you have acquired through EduFab. 


Step 1 - Develop Your Project Idea
Develop a unique project idea, or choose from our many starter ideas that will help impress any employer
Step 2 - Learn To Use CAD
Learn how to use numerous software development environments including KiCad and FreeCAD, all of which are open-source and free to use
Step 3 - Discover Engineering Insights​
Learn about the numerous challenges that engineers face when designing products, so you don't make the same mistakes
Step 4 - Design Your Project
Put what you have learned to use, and develop your idea into a real-world engineering project
Step 5 - Check Design For Errors
Our team of engineers will go over your design to ensure that it will not face manufacturing issues, while also providing you with plenty of feedback and advice for designing products
Step 6 - Manufacture Your Design
Our team of engineers will get your product designed and manufactured
Step 7 - Receive Your Certificate
Once completed, receive your Certificate of Completion along with a unique serial code so future employers can verify your work
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What is the EduFab service?

The EduFab Service is a complete industrial experience course that will teach you the basics of electronic design for real-world commercial environments. From schematic capture to PCB routing and component selection, you will be tasked with creating a viable commercial board. On completion, you will be awarded the MitchElectronics Certification of Completion which demonstrates to employers of your experience in the field of electronics. 

By far the biggest advantage of the EduFab Service is that you can gain valuable industrial experience without needing to try and find a company willing to take in apprentices. But as this course is also fully remote, you can complete it from the comfort of your home, while having access to experienced engineers who will help you throughout the course.

If you live in a remote area, struggling to get an apprenticeship, or just want to gain skills that employers will value, then the EduFab Service is right for you. Upon completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate to engineering companies of your ability to not only design circuits, but also turn them into viable products that are market worthy. 

The skills that you will attain from the EduFab Service course cannot be obtained from typical schools, colleges, or universities as they lack the engineering capabilities, making it extremely valuable. 

As this course is fully remote and not dependent on timeframes, you can complete the course at your own pace. Typically, it is expected that the course is given two hours a day for a 12 week period, and while it can be completed faster, it is always best to take it slow so that the experience from software tools sinks into long-term memory.

While anyone can sign up to our service, we only recommend those that have prior education in electronics, whether that is through mainstream education or self-taught. This course will not teach you basic circuit theory, but instead, how to design circuits for commercial applications, as well as taking personal projects to the next level. 

Just as this course is a long-term investment for your education and experience, we also believe that the course payment should have the same attitude. While we are happy to accept single payments for the course, we also accept payment plans that help you balance the books.