• Logic Probe

    Logic Probe that can measure logic signals and determine if they are on, off, floating, or oscillating. RoHS compliant, REACH compliant, and perfect for beginners!

  • PWM Generator

    If you are in need of a PWM signal source for testing purposes then look no further as this kit will let you create your own PWM generator! RoHS compliant,…

  • Simple Function Generator

    Need a basic function generator with variable triangular and square waveforms? Then look no further as this kit will allow you to build your own simple function generator! This kit…

  • Simple Power Supply

    The simple power supply is the power kit for you providing 5V, -9V, and 3.3V all from a single 9V battery. This kit is RoHS and REACH compliant, and is…

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator

    Need an oscillator whose output frequency is adjustable with a voltage? Then look no further, as this kit will let you build a voltage-controlled oscillator! This kit is RoHS and REACH…