SMD Soldering Guide

SMD Soldering Guide

Part 1 - Introduction

If you are new to electronics and want to think about practising your soldering skills with SMD Trainer kits, then you should start here! Learn exactly what SMD components are, what makes the MitchElectronics SMD Trainer range special, and some interesting facts on SMD parts!

Part 2 - How To Identify SMD Parts

So you know what SMD parts are, why they are important, and some interesting facts, it’s time to learn what SMD parts look like, why you have to be careful with orientation, and common packages used by SMD parts.

Part 3 - How To Solder SMD Parts

Confident in your ability to identify SMD components and their orientation on a PCB? If so, continue your journey on SMD soldering and learn how to solder using a soldering iron. You will also learn some tips and tricks that will help with soldering SMD components while also learning about some troublesome challenges!

Part 4 - Using A Hot Air Gun (Coming Soon)

Looks like you are on your way to having the skills of a professional engineer, but while soldering irons are great, they can only do so much. In this chapter, learn what hot-air guns are, why they are needed, and how to use them!

Part 5 - DIY Reflow Oven (Coming Soon)

You are ready to take on the big guns, and that means MFL, QFN, and sub 0603 packages. With such tiny packages, the only real way to go is the reflow oven, and while this piece of equipment is often reserved for large manufacturing sites, you can turn a regular toaster oven into your very own DIY reflow station!