Bright Heart Instructions

The Bright Heart Kit Instructions

Table of Contents


Component List

TransisPCB ReferenceQuantityLooks Like
470R ResistorR1 - R77
3mm Red LEDD1 - D2121
PP3 ConnectorJ11

Construction Tips

Electronics Construction Guide

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Component Order

Solder the components in this order to keep things simple

  1. Resistors
  2. LED

Watch out for the PP3 connector!

  • Make sure the red wire is connected to VCC (sometimes V+)
  • Make sure the black wire is connected to 0V (sometimes GND)

Double-check your components BEFORE soldering!

  • MitchElectronics kits use double-sided PCBs with plated through-holes
  • This makes the PCBs extremely strong
  • It also makes de-soldering very hard, so be sure components are inserted correctly