• 555 Monostable

    555 monostable electronics kit with a potentiometer for variable frequency, LE D for indication, and external contact pads for use in other circuits. RoHS compliant, REACH compliant, and perfect for…

  • 555 Monostable SMD Trainer

    The 555 Monostable SMD Trainer is a 555 monostable circuit made entirely with SMD components, and the goal of this kit is to help teach SMD soldering. RoHS and REACH…

  • 555 Synth Punk

    The 555 Synth Punk lets you build the iconic Atari Punk Console capable of producing unique sounds and stepped tones. RoHS compliant, REACH compliant, and perfect for beginners!

  • Electronic Dice

    Electronic dice that allows you to build your own fully functional electronic dice with a single roll button and 7 LED output in the shape of standard dice. RoHS compliant,…